Awake and Dreaming

And they called her Captain (p1)

15 years ago a pirate sailed the seas in search of money, adventure and everything she could get her hands on. Being a woman made things a bit more difficult (as they were viewed more as property rather than captains) but the challenge excited her. It drove her and she excelled.

Her crew was made up of ex-guard, former sailors turned to a more lucrative lifestyle, and convicts who would rather die than go back to the death sentence known as Overreach. They worked well together, for pirates, and plundered many a merchant vessel (as well as the occasional navy ship through the use of trickery and guile). She became quite famous and garnered a fearsome reputation…one that attracted the attention of a peculiar customer.

The Winds of Fate blew her direction and she soon found herself accepting a transport quest backed by a substantial amount of gold. Too good an offer to turn down, she inquired why the payment was so great and what was she transporting. For a normal merchant discretion and ignorance serves as a comforting blanket on cold dangerous journeys through uncharted territories. Sometimes It’s better not to know what you are transporting…only that it needs to make it to the intended destination quickly and safely with no interruptions. She, however, was not a merchant.

The Stranger laughed from beneath his hooded robe and spoke with a raspy voice.

“I have been around for a long time and this world has been around much longer than I, but there are some things that have been around even longer than the gods and the universe. Some things have been there before the Nothing and will be there after everything is gone. Some things always were.”

Forcing out a harsh, wet cough, he extended a smooth, slippery and tentacle-like hand to the pirate Captain.

“Do we have a deal?”

Shaking the creatures hand, she instantly regretted the decision. With that brief gesture she had set in motion plans which dated back millennia. Chills ran down her spine as the creature crumbled away, laughing, into a pile of rags and rotting crustaceans. Something told her there was no going back on this deal.

Then she did the one thing she would regret doing for the rest of her life; She opened the bag the creature had tasked her to transport and gazed upon its contents…



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