Awake and Dreaming

And they called her Captain (p2)

The impossibly black fragments seemed to draw all light in from around. Three shards tumbled out of the bag and came to rest in her outstretched hand. Instantly her whole world went dark.

Visions of nameless, shapeless creatures from the Nothing filled her head. Rising up from the sea, emerging from deep within mountains, closing in on a round blue and green sphere surrounded by millions of twinkling lights, all swimming in a sea of darkness. They were all coming for her. They could all see her with their lidless gazes and indescribable forms.

She tried to run but instantly fell back on the dock. All she could manage to do was curl up in a ball and try to shut them out.

There were too many to count. Like a plague of locust they washed over all the life of the world. Civilizations fell, species were entirely consumed, the very gods themselves stood powerless as they were ripped from existence, thrown away into the great Nothing from whence nothing returns.

She could hear all of them, the countless, the nameless, all speaking to her in unison, uttering one single phrase over and over and over again:

We see you now.

Everything disappeared. She was in her own bed, no bag or shards to be found. Sitting up she turned her head to look in the mirror and horror took the breath out of her lungs. Where a living, healthy brown eye had been was now a gaping scarred void. A brown leather eye patch lay on a nightstand next to her bed. Grabbing it she ran for the doors to the ship deck in a panic.



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