Awake and Dreaming

The claiming of Tzipporah

Previous session introduction.

Life is hard…its especially difficult if you’re the spawn of the unholy union between a demon and human. Somewhere down the line a poor woman’s luck ran out and she was assaulted in the most violent and horrible fashion, bearing a child with both the soul and perseverance of a human but all the malice and hatred of a demon. Imagine a scenario where a soul is constantly being torn asunder and just as its about to break, both it and the attacker collapse from exhaustion…then… the battle starts all over again. Now contain that within a mortal body, throw in some demonic deformities, and look in the mirror. Welcome to your new life.

Sadly this is not far from the way you entered this world. Ptolus has a vast maze of dungeons and caverns deep below the city which hold great treasure and unspeakable horrors. The Delver’s Guild sends hundreds of adventurers over the years deeper and deeper to unearth these and more in hopes of acquiring vast knowledge, power and wealth. Years ago such a group of adventurers ascended the staircase and dove into the unknown in search of those very things. Among them was a young woman who’s grip on the magical arts was much stronger than her grip on reality. They slogged through the muck, kept on guard for constant attacks by beasts and much worse, always pushing forward to what seemed like an impossible goal.

On the third day they reached a large room with tall cathedral ceilings and strange markings covering the walls and floors. In the center of the room, hovering 2 inches above a pure white-stone pedestal was a deep green shard the size of a full grown man. It was then that the spiders made themselves known. Bravely the party fought them off but wave after wave continued to assault them. First the rogue succumbed to the poisons coursing through his body after countless bites and scratches. His screams could be heard as the spiders overwhelmed him and tore his bloated body to pieces. Next was the cleric with all his faith and conviction. Cleaved in two by a taloned leg he lay gasping on the ground for breath that would never come.

Seeing her companions struck down one by one unnerved the poor girl. She gathered what strength she had left and let loose a massive wave of fire that incinerated the remaining spiders. It washed over them like a molten wave of death, slamming into the crystal in the center of the room as it passed. Suddenly, everything went completely silent. No breath could be heard, the remaining three were struck mute, and all attempts to make any sort of noise was met with failure. Splitting slowly from the center, piece by piece, the crystal seemed to peel itself apart revealing a horribly twisted and warped human with jet black skin, wrapped in its own massive leathery wings. Horns protruded from its misshapen skull and its body convulsed with the first breaths it had taken in centuries.

The creature stepped down out of the remains of the crystal and turned towards the intruders. Breathing in deeply it exhaled a violent burst that seemed to push all the sound back into the room, knocking them to the ground. The next few seconds were a blur but they ended with both of her party members slain and the woman suspended in the air by her neck as the demon examined her. Its horrible toothed mouth formed into what could have been a smile as the smell of sulfur assaulted her lungs. In that moment the terrifying realization of what was about to happen crept into her head…and she desperately grasped for anything sharp to end her life with. The futility of this action seemed to please the demon as it began to work on her…

Twenty years later a similar group of adventurers from the Delver’s Guild managed to stumble upon the same room. This time they found a creature not human, but not completely demon, encased in an embryonic sac at the foot of a bone-white stone pedestal with green shards scattered all over the room. It appeared to be female, fully grown and approximately 22 human years of age. They freed it from its fraternal prison and drug it back to the surface. Shackled and gagged, this was to be its existence….or was it?

You are almost to the staircase when something odd happens. Call it demonic intervention, possibly the last gift from a twisted father. The hallway that had been secure for years burst forth with all manner of vermin and filth that leaps onto the party, getting into the spaces between armor and dragging them to the ground. Somehow you managed to slip away to a passage you didn’t even realize was there – you could have sworn the wall opened up. Guided by an unseen force you sprint away from the horrible sounds of digestion and the screams of agony. Something inside you smiles and you have no idea why, but it feels good.

Hours after your escape you surface in a small cave by the shore. It appears to be some sort of smuggling stash with a small group of pirates to match. They quickly pull you out of the water and put you before their captain. She leans in close and examines you before speaking. “My, you are a curious creature. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like you.” Her voice is both piercing and soothing at the same time. The patch over her eye hides a much more horrible story than the protruding scars around it would tell. “Welcome to the surface. Now after these chains come off you’re going to tell me a little about yourself and then I will tell you a little about what’s going to happen next. My name is Captain Rubix…”

[ This begins the entrance of Tzipporah into the game. I’ll speak with you more about what she has done since then and catch you up to speed when she is introduced to the party. ]




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