Awake and Dreaming

Hook, line and job

Previous session.

“Excellent” Rubix says and walks back around her desk. She sits down, leans back and crosses her legs. Opening the top drawer of her desk she removes an expensive looking cigar and a small twinder twig which she uses to light it. Taking a long drag and letting it out in several small smoke rings she looks up at the ceiling thoughtfully before turning again to you.

“Now that we have a legally binding verbal agreement,” looking at both of you directly, “We can discuss the rest of the details.” She turns slowly around in her chair as she smokes the cigar, releasing little clouds of smoke circles every now and again.

“I run an operation here called the ‘Port Sea Trading Company’. I’m going to speed things up and assume you’ve already heard about it. We deal in all sorts of merchandise, ranging from artifacts and armor to slaves and salvage. Naturally moving such items across the sea can be dangerous. Pirates loves to attack ships just like the ones you’re going to be working on, looting and killing the crew. It’s a shame when we have to kill them all and deposit their bodies at the bottom of the sea. Losing potential employees always hurts a little.” She pauses her spinning as she says this and cracks a little smirk, then continues her slow rotation.

“We have clients who would like to move some merchandise from this fair city to a location undisclosed to employees such as yourself. Due to the sensitive nature of their cargo and the amount of ‘insurance’ they have purchased, we require a sizeable guard to ensure its safety. The route they have chosen is not the most safe. Let’s be honest…it’s pretty damn dangerous and would put and peril you suffered during YOUR previous escapades to shame.” She chews something for a second in her mouth and then spits into a brass jar on the ground.

“The ship leaves in two days at sundown. You are to report to Tobias downstairs at that time. Take the next day or so to get your affairs in order, write your will, have your last supper, whatever you need to do. When you come back try not to get yourself a tail. I don’t need any MORE complications than I already have.”

She stops her spinning and puts her cigar out in the ashtray on her desk. Folding her hands across the desk, she leans towards you. “Don’t disappoint me and you’ll find that this can be the start of your new career…on the outside.” Her gaze hardens as she stares you directly in the eyes before standing up again and staring out the large window, her back to you.

“Oh and on your way out, leave the silverware in that sack by the door. I don’t care about the food or the shoes but I doubt you’ll get past the minotaur while you still have that on you.”



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