Awake and Dreaming

Rats in the Walls - AP Completion

Loot and Wrapup

Torn limb from limb with his head severed, the elf fell to the ground. His laboratory in shambles, his pets scattered, and his “Old Voice” now silent. Gathering up what valuables you can find, along with the Rat Kings head, you leave the foul-smelling cavern and head across town to claim your rewards.

You are able to salvage the following from the Rat King’s lair:

  1. The Staff of the Rat King
  2. Four Vials of Acid
  3. Three Potions of Cure Light Wounds
  4. Two Vials of Alchemist Fire

Returning to Captain Rubix she gives you another pouch with 750g and thanks you for bringing back her dockmaster.



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