Sanctuary - City of Adventure

Located on the edge of a major land mass, Sanctuary is a large city of over 5000 people. Its ancient walls have seen the horrors of combat and protected the city for ages. It is known as a major trade hub and significant influence in the area. Many have heard about Sanctuary.

The Population

Sanctuary, being a port and major trading city, carries a large and varied population. There is a constant influx of immigrants from other cities, refugees from various conflictions raging throughout the land, and plenty of citizens from all walks of life. This lends itself to scuffles among warring races and factions with disagreements handled by the city guard. The following races can be found occupying the city:

  • Orcs and Goblins from the far east
  • Elves from the far south, past the realm of men
  • Humans from all over the land
  • Halflings and Gnomes from the middle belt
  • Dwarves from the far north-eastern region

As with any city there are varying levels of income and social status and citizens tend to live in areas with a status similar to their own:

  • The bulk of the citizens and more poor folk tend to live in The Docks where work is hard, pay is low and there are few questions. Areas closer to the Merchant’s District and the bridges north tend to be in better shape than those towards the docks or the Old Town and could be considered “middle class.”
  • The Old Town contains just that; old buildings, run down factories, people and communities still clinging to a life that has passed them by (similar to the ailing buildings and cultures of a city like Detroit). People tend to be poor here.
  • Middle class, traveling merchants and Nobles can be found in the Merchant’s District which will contain the most varied social and economical population at any one time.
  • The Nobles District contains the more wealthy as well as the ruling body of Sanctuary. People from other districts would look out of place here and be treated as such.

Government/Ruling Powers

Sanctuary is governed by a primary leader and his advisory council of 4 each; one representative from each of the four districts. Each member has an equal vote in all city affairs. Matters of war are handled by the captain of the guard and he is deferred to during sensitive security events such as elections, visiting diplomats, public speakings from the governing council and royalty.

The 4/5 Districts of Sanctuary

Sanctuary can be thought of as a division of four major sections with the Delver’s Guild as an honorary fifth (due to the amount of influence they have garnered over the past 50 or so years).

The Docks

The largest part of Sanctuary and which holds the majority of the population is the area known as The Docks. It houses the middle class, the poor, port workers, traveler’s looking for discretion, and everything inbetween. Unless they are leaving or traveling to a boat one would be hard pressed to find a Merchant or Noble anywhere in the area.

Places of Note:
The Merchant’s Gallows
The Port Sea Trading Company

The Merchants District

The second most wealthy district (next to the Nobel’s) this area contains the bulk of the crafters, artists, blacksmiths, alchemists, and all major of item selling and creation ships. Guard presence is high although thieves still manage to make a decent living…when they aren’t caught and executed.

The Delver’s District
More of a ‘group within a district’ this influential group has garnered significant voice in the city council even without any representatives. They delve the dungeons below the city, lobby hard for their interests, and provide much work and excitement for the Merchant’s District.

Places of Note:
The Delver’s Guild

The Nobel’s District

Containing the governmental body as well as the banking and finance of Sanctuary, the Noble district contains the highest concentration of guards and security. A citizen from the docks would feel horribly out of place here (although beggers can be found occasionally when they haven’t been cleared out by the guards – a never-ending struggle).

The Arcane Repository – Old town

This heavily magical and quite dangerous district contains all manner of wizards, sorcerer’s, alchemists and others. Many experiments have taken place over the years and it is the center for magical studies in the area. It is also seated directly above the cities aging sewers. This area is also known as “Oldtown” because it is the oldest surviving section of the city.

Places of Note:
Formulae de Symbol

Sanctuary - City of Adventure

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