Please Note: The campaign system has been switched from Pathfinder to D&D 5e moving forwards. Adjust all expectations accordingly.

I’ll be using this page to organize background information, npc’s you encounter, places of note and anything you’ll need to remember through out our campaign. The bulk of the game will take place on our roll20 Campaign. All your characters and dungeons, tokens and encounters will happen there. Anything important you’ll need to remember i’ll transfer back here.

The Wiki

The mainstay of the information is located in the Wiki section. The Maps section contains the one and only map of the campaign world (they only allow me 1 map on the site…) and will be continuously updated as you progress through out your adventures. I won’t reveal the entire world all at once, we are building your knowledge of it together.

Adventure Log

The Adventure Log (besides summing up the previous sessions on various other sites) will be a source of rumors and tall tales you have heard while on your travels, frequenting bars, and interacting with various city folk/villagers in your downtime. Its meant to provide colorful background to the game world (and could contain either a useful tidbit of information or nothing more than gobbly-gook…the call is yours to make).

Character Creation Process

The character creation process has been switched from Pathfinder to D&D 5e. Use the character creation rules from the Players Handbook (rolling 4d6, dropping the lowest, then assigning as you wish if not using the suggested starting stats).

Awake and Dreaming

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