Awake and Dreaming

...and we ended up in the prison

Adventure Summary

Further into the jail the two traveled after Dez excused himself to catch up with an old friend. The lower level proved to be horrible when they encountered a former guard who had removed his eyes, ears, nose, tongue, sewn his mouth shut and removed both of his hands. Through deep rumbles in this throat he spoke of being “enlightened” before lunging at Tzipporah. The short combat that ensued caused them to end up in a place they were not familiar with.

Crossing over into a large, seemingly endless prison the two made their way from floor to floor, room to room looking for answers. One room trapped them inside, forcing them to see the truth of themselves from all angles and tearing at their sanity. After locating a copper ring (with the inscription “To my beloved Lillian, Love Victor”) they regrouped outside on the deserted walkway to plan their next move as Tzipporah was confronted by the illusions of people they had once lost (or are still alive?).



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