Awake and Dreaming

Its off to jail we go...

Adventure Summary

Tzipporah, Hila and Dez traveled outside the walls of Sanctuary to investigate where a strange (but seemingly harmless) currency had come from. The influx of refugees fleeing north has set up an almost “Second City” outside Sanctuary’s walls with all manner of housing and shops.

After encountering a merchant with a strange dialect Hila found the sylables and intracasies irresistable, and began unkowingly weaving it into her normal speech (unbeknown to her and quite obvious to both Tzip and Dez). On their way out a very public display by a dwarf lead to the discovery of a text which seemed to do strange things to the reader. Curious they decided to pursue the dwarf as he was being escorted to the city jail.

The jail itself proved to be a cake-walk for both Tzip and Dez as they bluffed their way inside, with Hila assuming the form of a rat to make it past the guards. They continue further down into the bowels of the building to question a prisoner who might not be all there.



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